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Sebastian J. Hojem Horner

Editor / Cinematographer / Director


+47 467 67 590


Date of Birth

April 29th, 2000


United States of America // Norway

A Bit About Sebastian

Sebastian was born in Costal Carolina and raised in the Oslo area, Norway. He is known for his nominees, experimental visual storytelling and technical knowledge, especially within editing. He is currently working and living in Oslo.

Sebastian is extremely passionate about film making, and thus his young age, he has already worked with several top awarded directors, such as Harald Zwart, Nic Osborne, Espen Sandberg, Martin Rodahl, Henrik Dyb Zwart, Martin Sofiedal and Claus Wiese.

Sebastian works with various formats. At this point in his career, mostly in format Commercial and TV. He mainly works as a Digital Imaging Technician (D.I.T), Editor, Assistant Editor, Post Production, in addition to some Visual Effects. Sebastian is open to every work task within Film, Music videos, Commercial and TV. However, he is hoping to widen his experience within Fiction and getting opportunities also towards Cinematography/Light/Directing and of course broadening his skills within editing.

Work Experience

2022 - Present


Sebastian works as a freelancer full time. Since his education ended in June 2022, he has frequently been booked in several different film production roles and love them all. He has especially sharpened his skills within editing/post-production management, but also has lots of experience as a Cinematographer, Camera Assistant and Digital Imaging Technician (D.I.T) (to name a few). In addition, Sebastian has created numerous projects where he has managed the whole project from A-Z with all roles involved.

Sebastian has mainly been working within commercials, TV/reality, documentaries and some fiction and music videos. Some of the larger clients Sebastian works regularly with are NRK, Wemake, Motion Blur, Mastiff, Hi5, TV2, Fremantle, Honning Film, ITV and FUS.


Sebastian is a creative, hardworking young man with the attitude “the sky is the limit”. Sebastian is flexible regarding working hours and open for traveling and contribute on projects abroad.

March 2022

2021 - 2022

2020 - 2021

2018 - 2020

2016 - 2018

Intern at Hi5 as D.I.T, Live-Transcriber & Transcriber - The Traitors Norway (Freemantle/TV2)

A reality production that lasted eleven days (Sandefjord). Sebastian's duties on the production were Digital Imaging Technician (D.I.T) and Live-transcriber. Sebastian also logged some of the episodes in post-production. He has also been hired on freelance projects afterwards. - (Director: Malin Mindresunde)

Student Assistant at Fagskolen Kristiania

Sebastian worked as a Supervisor and Student Assistant for fellow students during his studies. In Editing, on Visual Effects, with Sound Mixing/Sound Design and at the equipment warehouse. This has given him valuable supervisory experience, educational tutoring and insight into fellow students' projects.

Part-time Editor & Camera Assistant at Kinly

Sebastian did assignments as Editor, Cinematographer, Sound Mixer, Camera Assistant and Production Assistant for Social Media content for Kinly.

Apprentice at Wemake as D.I.T, Camera Assistant & Post-production Assistant

Sebastian got to try out many of the roles within film production,  mostly in Commericals. Mainly in post-production, Editing, Visual Effects, Graphics, Sound Mixing/Sound Design and Digital Imaging Technician (D.I.T)/Camera

Assistant on set.

Sebastian also got to to work on the documentary "Elias is a panter" as Media Manager and Assistant Editor, where he got to make the first promotional cut.

- (Directors: Anita Aamodt Enersen & Nic Osborne)

Sebastian has also been hired on several freelance projects for Wemake afterwards.

Intern at NRK Entertainment Department as Promo Editor & Production Assistant
Sebastian cut down films/shows from the NRK archive to clips/snippets that were published on NRK's Social Media pages. He worked with Claus Wiese.


2020 - 2022

2016 - 2018

2013 - 2016

Fagskolen Kristiania

2-year higher vocational education in film production. He completed the exam in June 2022. He learned a lot about storytelling in fictional and documentary filmmaking, and he specialized in Cinematography/Lighting/Directing/Editing.

Bleiker high school

Completed Professional Letter (fagbrev) of apprenticeship in Media Production.

Belset secondary school

Primary school education 8th - 10th grade.

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